It’s a level of performance you just don’t expect from an SUV

New Generation Mazda CX-5 gives you sporty responses and nimble handling, yet breakthrough SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY also achieves amazing fuel economy. It adds to driving enjoyment with cleverly integrated connectivity.

All of this and you also have stylish and dynamic design, coming together in a uniquely athletic SUV.



MZD Connect

Wherever you go, you're connected

When you’re on the move in Mazda CX-5, your online world can move right with you. Simply link up your compatible smart phone and MZD Connect links you to a load of content including Facebook and Twitter feeds, radio, podcasts and more. It will even read texts for you. 
It’s all brought together on a central touch screen placed to help your eyes stay on the road. 

2.0L Active FWD Manual MY15 - R324,900 (Incl VAT)

Auto 2.0L - R334,900 (Incl VAT)

  • 2.0 Petrol (121kW @ 210Nm)
  • Auto headlights
  • 17” Alloys
  • Dual Zone Aircon
  • 7 Inch display-MZD connect system
  • Bluetooth hands free
  • Radio / CD / Aux / USB
  • Cruise control
  • 40:20:40 folding rear seats
  • ISOFix
  • Hill Launch Assist
  • Front fog lights
  • Push-button keyless start
  • 6 speakers
  • Privacy glass
  • Cloth seats
  • Audio controls on steering wheel
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Reverse camera

2.0L Dynamic FWD Manual MY15 - R336,200 (Incl VAT)

  • 2.0 Petrol (121kW @ 210Nm)
  • Smart advanced keyless entry
  • 19” Alloys

2.2L DE Active FWD Automatic MY15 - R385,900 (Incl VAT)

  • 2.2 Diesel (110kW @ 380Nm)
  • 17” Alloys
  • Without reverse camera
  • Without auto headlights
  • Without rain sensing wipers

2.5L Individual FWD Automatic MY15 - R416,900 (Incl VAT)

  • 2.5 Petrol (141kW @ 256Nm)
  • Power sliding and tilt sunroof
  • Driver seat 8-way power adjustable
  • Power lumber support - Driver
  • BOSE with 9 speakers
  • Parking Sensors front and rear
  • LED adaptive headlights
  • Rear-view mirror with auto dimming
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Satellite navigation
  • Leather seats

2.2L DE Akera AWD Automatic MY15 - R474,700 (Incl VAT)

  • 2.2 Diesel (129kW @ 420Nm)
  • AWD (ALL Wheel Drive)




An SUV created from a different perspective

Sculpted, commanding and dynamic, it’s been shaped without compromise. It’s the result of our design direction, ‘KODO – Soul of Motion.’ The powerful, athletic cues of KODO capture the muscular beauty of an animal springing into motion. The energetic leap of a cheetah is reflected in Mazda CX-5. 

With elegant lines, graceful details and a well-planted footprint, it stands proudly apart from other SUVs.


"KODO- Soul of Motion" design brings renewed energy to the athletic shape of Mazda CX-5.
The LED headlamps in the Individual and Akera create an enhanced sense of vitality by adopting a redesigned interior layout and new LED lighting signature.
A newly designed grille and signature wing bring out bolder KODO Design features



You're in a great space

Carefully considered design orientates everything around you. Impressive attention to detail means it always feels special. Mazda CX-5 positions controls and information to help you stay focused on the road ahead. 

The elegant atmosphere makes the sense of space even stronger. Distinct trim colours and textures feature in each model and are complemented by metallic highlights. 

What’s more, staying in touch while on the move has never been easier. MZD Connect links you to a load of content including Facebook and Twitter feeds, radio, podcasts and more.

You can access a huge range of online content by linking your compatible smartphone seamlessly through MZD Connect.
The multi-function commander control allows effortless selection of menus and functions with minimum distraction.
Satellite navigation is easily read on the colour touch screen. Featuring spoken street names and advanced lane guidance


No ordinary SUV

Take Mazda CX-5 for a drive, and you’ll never go back to an ordinary SUV. 

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY results in reduced weight, helping unleash more agility. SKYACTIV-G petrol engines give you responsive, smooth power from 2.0 or 2.5 litres. With SKYACTIV-D you’ve got punchy turbo diesel thrust from 2.2 litres. Whichever you choose, fuel economy is exceptional. 

In both automatic and manual transmissions gear shifts are seamless. It all comes together with remarkable refinement, thanks to a luxurious ride and body that moves efficiently through the air. 

Enjoy it in front-wheel drive, or gripping all-wheel drive

SKYACTIV-G 2.0L & 2.5L 

Petrol Engines

A fundamental rethink of the internal combustion engine releases more performance from less fuel. Precise multi-hole direct injection minimises fuel use. A unique piston design achieves more efficient combustion to boost power and lower emissions. A major reduction of internal friction liberates extra power, while a free-breathing 4-2-1 exhaust layout enhances efficiency. 

The 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine delivers a sporty 121kW of power and 210Nm of torque, using only 6.4 litres of fuel every 100km*. The muscular 2.5 litre engine punches out 141kW and 256Nm, yet uses just 7.4 litres of fuel per 100km*.

*Combined fuel consumption figures are based on ADR 81/02 test results.

SKYACTIV-D 2.2L Diesel Engine

A far lower compression ratio than conventional diesels allows for lighter internal components. This reduces friction and inertia for higher-revving, more exciting power – right up to 5,500rpm. Multi-hole piezo injectors and variable valve lift optimize engine breathing and economy. 

The 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine produces 110kW/129kW and a muscular 380Nm/420Nm of torque, using just 5.7L/5.9L of fuel per 100km*. With a two-stage turbocharger maximizing efficiency, the SKYACTIV-D engine meets strict Euro stage IV emissions standards without requiring expensive after treatment of exhaust gases.


Automatic Transmission

We’ve combined the best attributes of conventional automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions. The transmission locks up to couple directly with the engine over a far wider range than other automatics. This delivers a significant improvement in fuel economy and a more direct, manual-like power delivery and driving feel. Shifts are quick, accurate and smooth across the six speeds.


Manual Transmission

The 6-speed manual transmission delivers precise, sports-car style shifting through simplified design and a finely-honed mechanism. More compact and also much lighter than comparable transmissions, it significantly cuts internal friction to improve fuel economy.


The application of high and ultra-high tensile steel cuts weight, yet bolsters rigidity. Front and rear suspension mounting points bond directly to the underbody to further add strength. Even the doors use special pressing methods to reduce weight without compromising strength. 

Despite being light, Mazda CX-5 disperses crash energy in multiple directions to achieve world-class collision performance.


Every component has been re-designed to create an unrivalled sense of ‘oneness’ between car and driver. For nimble handling with great ride comfort, the chassis uses firmer bushings and completely revised geometry. A highly rigid front suspension cross member combines with higher-ratio electric power assist steering to quicken handling. 

Both front and rear cross members improve stiffness and lower weight, thanks to an innovative welding method. It all gives Mazda CX-5 agility you’d never expect in an SUV.



There's every reason to feel safe

With the highest safety standards on your side, Mazda CX-5 will take your confidence to another level. 

Its rigid body integrates a multi-load path structure to redirect crash energy away from the occupant cell. SRS airbags in the front, side (front) and curtain (front and rear) help keep you and your passengers’ safe.

From Individual model, the LED headlamps of the Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS) swivel up to 15 degrees in the direction you’re steering, revealing more of the corner.
In Highway Mode of the ALH system, the high beams are raised at higher-speeds to extend your field of vision
With Glare-Free High Beams, the ALH system selectively turns off some of the multi LEDs, minimizing high beam glare for other drivers.
With Wide-Range Low Beams, ALH iluminates a wider peripheral area to enhance visibility during lower speed driving.


World-class safety comes standard

Every Mazda CX-5 comes with the following safety features:

  • Front SRS airbags (driver and passenger)
  • Curtain SRS airbags (front and rear)
  • Side SRS airbags (front)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)
  • Hill Launch Assist (HLA)
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Reverse camera



A more fuel efficient SUV

At Mazda we’re committed to driving enjoyment, but also to reducing the environmental impact of our cars. With Mazda CX-5, we set out to build a compact SUV that’s sporty and efficient with lower emissions. Using SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, we’ve re-designed every aspect from the engines to transmissions. With the help of clever features like i-stop, CX-5 uses as little as 5.7 litres of fuel per 100 km*.

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY helps achieve remarkable fuel economy

New-generation petrol and diesel power plants represent a fundamental rethink of the internal combustion engine, releasing more performance from less fuel.

At the same time, we’ve advanced both manual and automatic transmissions to enhance driving enjoyment and improve fuel economy.