This 7 seater family car makes MPV driving more rewarding

Whether it’s the unconventional design features or dynamic body styling of the Mazda5, this family car stands apart from standard MPVs. Our pioneering sliding doors open with a remote control or just one touch for easy access and loading (Power Doors on Individual). And our flexible Karakuri seating system makes the Mazda5 the smart choice among 7-seater MPVs and family cars.
Achieving low fuel consumption from just 8.2 litres/100km (on the 2.0L Original Engine) combined while still providing an agile and responsive driving experience, the Mazda5 delivers practicality, pleasure and performance.

The Mazda family face creates a dynamic impression, particularly for an MPV family car, while the grilles and air inlets around the fog lights add to the sporty appearance. The strong curves of the front wheel arches flow seamlessly into the lively forms of the front fascia, where the prominent lower lip below the fog lights conveys strength and stability. The smooth profile of the Mazda5 produces an outstanding aerodynamic performance, which contributes to the reassuringly stable straight-line driving experience. A brief glance tells you this isn’t your typical 7-seater MPV. The rear lights pick up the character lines that flow from the wheel arches along the sides of the body and through to the tailgate, adding to the impression of dynamism and movement.


Mazda5 Original Manual 2.0L from R268, 900 (Incl VAT)

  • Power: 106 kw Torque: 180 Nm 
  • F/E(Combined): 8.2l/100km
  • DSC 
  • Ext. Mirror Power Fold
  • Halogen Head Lamp
  • Head Lamp Manual Levelling
  • Tyre size 205/50
  • R17 Alloy
  • Speaker 4
  • Manual A/C
  • Shift Knob Material Leather
  • Int. Mirror Day night Manual
  • Unlimited Kilometre Warranty
  • Unlimited Service Plan


Mazda5 Active Auto 2.0L from R283,500 (Incl VAT)

  • F/E(Combined): 6.4l/100km ilo 8.2l/100km
  • 5-Speed Auto Transmission
  • Sunroof
  • Roof Spoiler
  • Full Automatic Airconditioner
  • Rear Vents


Mazda5 Individual Manual Transmission 2.0L from R294, 200 (Incl VAT)

  • Cruise Control
  • Front Fog Lamp
  • 6 Speaker
  • Leather Seats
  • Sliding Power Door & Easy Closure


Mazda5 Individual Auto 2.0L from R308, 500 (Incl VAT)

  • 5-Speed Auto Transmission




Dynamic body styling gives this car design a sense of motion

This car exterior reflects our design language that’s inspired by the lines and waves of water and nature. The flowing body styling creates an impression of motion even when the car is stationary, and it’s one of the things that distinguish the Mazda5 from conventional MPV car design. Another is our one-touch, wide sliding doors on both sides, enabling easy access and loading.

As always with us, function accompanies form. And advanced aerodynamics on this sleek car design contribute to the outstanding fuel efficiency and stable feel of the drive.

Rain-sensing front and rear windscreen wipers offer increased safety and convenience, while darkened rear windows provide added privacy in the back seats (Top of the range model) The striking body styling is complemented by the sleekly shaped headlights, which switch on automatically when light levels fall. And the sporty form of the fog light surrounds mirrors the shaping of the headlights. Our range of alloy wheels is designed to complement the Mazda5’s striking body styling. Choose from 16” or 17” alloy wheels and add even more sportiness, strength and character to this dynamic car design. The large tailgate means you can quickly load luggage from the back, while the wide sliding doors on both sides provide easy access for passengers.



7-seater car interior, comfortable & practical driving environment

As you enter this car interior, the sporty seat design and driving environment hint at the pleasures ahead. It’s clearly a car interior created with insightful craftsmanship and user-oriented thinking. All controls are carefully designed to be easily visible and usable without diverting eyes from the road.
The excellent aerodynamics and insulation also give this 7-seater car a quiet driving environment. And the rear seats not only have generous legroom for adults but also offer our ingenious and flexible Karakuri car seat design (see video below).

The steering wheel-mounted controls enable you to operate the audio system and cruise control without moving your hands (from top of the range). Just one more design touch that makes driving easier and safer for you. We’ve installed white back lighting behind the speedometer and rev counter, making them easy to read while you’re driving – and we think they look really smart too. A digital trip computer displays real-time journey information. And the audio system playing CD, MP3 and radio is available with up to six speakers and Bluetooth connectivity enabling hands-free phone dialling (top of the range). There’s a lot of convenient storage space available – for all seven passengers. And for a little extra comfort the top of the range comes with the leather seat trim and heated front seats


In focus

Karakuri seating system a car interior with seat design that adapts to your needs

We were the world’s first to implement Karakuri mechanism seat design in cars. It’s so easy to operate the 40:20:40 split seating in the middle row and it takes just a few seconds to change the setup. In a 7-seater Mazda5 you can use the centre section of the middle row as a third seat or as an armrest with built-in cup holders – or simply fold it away to provide an access space between the middle and back rows.



A reassuring driving experience with responsive road handling

We wanted to ensure the Mazda5 delivered a more enjoyable driving experience. And rather than simply offering more powerful engines we decided to make the steering, chassis and suspension work together most effectively to achieve more responsive road handling and an agile driving performance.

Thanks to leading aerodynamics you also get a reassuring feeling of stability at higher speeds, with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The superior aerodynamics also contribute to the outstandingly quiet cabin you’ll find in the Mazda5.

Stiffer, stronger body shellGiving a more agile and responsive driving experience

To enhance the Mazda5’s driving performance we made the body shell stiffer than before. This provides a firm base for the suspension and chassis to operate from, making the road handling more reassuring and the steering more responsive and agile.
The body shell is also engineered from high-tensile steel, which is both strong and light. So it makes the car more agile while providing a strong safety cell for passengers. The result is a driving experience that’s unusually rewarding for a 7-seater MPV.




Advanced car safety features plus airbags & ISOFIX for child car seats

The Mazda5 provides among the highest levels of passenger protection with active car safety features helping to prevent collisions and passive safety features protecting you and your family if any collision does occur.

Active car safety includes our Emergency Stop Signalling system that flashes your hazard lights if you brake heavily. Passive car safety features include ISOFIX anchorage points for child car seats.

Dynamic Stability Control System

Our Dynamic Stability Control system helps your car stay more stable when you’re cornering or if you have to swerve around an object or person. When required the system reduces your engine power and regulates braking pressure on individual wheels. So this car safety feature helps you keep control when it would be natural to oversteer or understeer.



The protective body shell with MAIDAS technology and multiple airbags provides advanced passenger safety.

A passive car safety feature giving you and your family extra protection

This is the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System (or MAIDAS, for short). It’s part of the body shell and has shock absorbing crumple zones that spread the impact of a collision. In this way MAIDAS protects the critical interior space of your car – and it’s a car safety feature with an excellent collision performance.

We’ve engineered the Mazda5’s body shell from ultra-high tensile steel, which is light as well as strong. So this car safety feature increases your safety without reducing your car’s agile driving performance.



Beauty and Brains

Imagine the fulfilling warmth experienced when spending quality time with family and friends in a comfortable environment.Now blend that with expressive styling, an innovative package, stable handling and dynamic yet clean performance so remarkable, you’ll question whether you could really be driving a minivan.

Six gears helping you reduce fuel consumption

The Mazda5 comes with six-speed manual transmission as standard. The extra gear in a six-speed helps you reduce fuel consumption and achieve low CO2 emissions. You’ll also find it gives a more refined driving experience at higher speeds.