An exhilarating sport sedan with outstanding fuel economy

Now created around our eye-catching ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design language, the Mazda3 Sedan is built to raise expectations from first sight. Fully redesigned and evolved in every way, it marks a huge step forward for the sedan class. Now offering our full range of advanced SKYACTIV Technology, this sport sedan defies convention by delivering a no compromise combination of exhilarating driving experience and handling while still achieving leading fuel economy and CO2 emissions figures.


Gallery It’s good to take a different view

You can start to see how the all-new Mazda3 Sedan is inspired by our ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’design theme.  This view gives you a sense of the strongly curved wheel arches, or shoulders. The sleek profile improves fuel efficiency and lowers CO2 emissions, while the rear-leaning cabin and dynamic character lines express energy and movement. The powerful front end gives the impression of purpose and intent. The bodywork integrates effortlessly with the front lights and air intake, streamlining airflow and enhancing the car’s aerodynamic performance. The expressive body lines of this sport sedan flow smoothly into the powerful rear quarters, adding to the sense of anticipation at the exciting driving experiences that lie ahead.





A sporty car exterior with KODO design body styling

Because it’s a car designed with our ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design theme, the body styling expresses dynamic motion in every detail – from the frame up. The sculpted forms of the all-new Mazda3 Saloon create an impression of powerful, forward movement. The strong, wide stance gives a clue to the exciting driving performance and maneuverability. And with its KODO design, this car exterior conveys an energetic tension and a sense of rhythmic motion that appeal to drivers from first glance.

The signature Mazda face now incorporated into the all-new Mazda3 Sedan features the winged grille that connects seamlessly with the sleek LED headlights (Top of the range), adding to the sporty, dynamic presence of this car design. With a focus on surface texture as well as form, the metallic tautness of the body styling gives rich, smooth reflections. And the KODO design creates contours that express motion and rhythm. The sleek lights and bold smoothness of this car design create an unusually sporty appearance in the sedan class. The extra luggage space is achieved without compromising the striking aesthetic of this car exterior. It’s a car designed to produce an emotional response from first glance. Character lines flow along the body, inspired by the powerful, smooth movement of nature.


Details make the difference.


The strength and motion of the 18” alloy wheels (Astina) emphasizes the sporty power of the car’s body styling.

We offer a range of 16” steel wheels (Original) with full caps, and 16” (Active & Dynamic) and 18” (Individual & Astina) Mazda alloy wheels, to add to the sense of speed and stability that this car design creates. With some of the lightest structures in the class, and a design that suppresses road noise and heightens handling stability, our Mazda alloy wheels provide an outstanding combination of style and performance. These are wheels that reflect the car’s blend of strength and responsiveness. 




A finely crafted car interior includes mobile connectivity

Step inside and realise how unusually spacious this car interior is among hatchbacks. Settle into the sport style seats and appreciate the attention to detail of this driving environment. The luxurious feel of the soft fabrics. The premium look of the satin chrome and tactile finishes. For an even greater sense of luxury, leather seats are available on the top of the range model.

The driving environment is designed to surround the driver, adding to the unity you feel with the car. The more open passenger’s side blends with the driver’s side to encourage a shared driving experience.
By incorporating the audio and navigation (Optional Extra) display on top of the instrument panel, we’ve kept the dashboard low to emphasise the spacious driving environment and encourage a relaxing drive.
The sporty and eye-catching graphics of the meticulously crafted driving display help you to enjoy your drive in safety. The speedometer directly aligns with the driver’s line of sight.
The three-spoke steering wheel of our new-generation cars is available in black leather with sporty red stitching (From Dynamic model).


Mazda infortainment system 

The mobile connectivity system
infotainment menus.
Your multimedia commander


Active Driving Display

The Active Driving Display is another of our pioneering new features that combines a striking aesthetic with a valuable functional purpose. This clear panel – positioned vertically in the perfect line of sight for the driver – displays key driving information including speed, navigation guidance and a variety of active safety alerts.

As you start your engine, the Active Driving Display rises into its vertical position. And as you start driving, you’ll see the safety and comfort benefits of seeing your key information projected as a virtual image – without having to avert your eyes from the road.



The all-new Mazda3 Sedan gives a driving experience that exceeds even the expectations this sporty design creates. Our cars are known for providing an exhilarating and dynamic driving performance. That’s because we put fun driving first. It’s just one of the many ways that we defy convention.

This unconventional approach to designing and building cars continues here, with a car that’s inspired by the Japanese notion of Jinba Ittai – ‘horse and rider as one’. This creates a special bond between car and driver that contributes to giving this sport hatchback such an exhilarating driving experience, with exciting and responsive road handling.


SKYACTIV-Body structure

The new SKYACTIV-Body structure enhances the car's driving performance and gives you a better driving experience. How does it do this? We've used ultra-high tensile steel reinforcements to improve the rigidity of the body structure by around 30%. So as well as being stronger, the lighter body shell in our new generation cars reduces the car's overall weight.
The combination of the increased rigidity and lighter weight makes the road handling far more responsive and the car more agile to drive. This improves the driving dynamics and gives you a more enjoyable driving experience.


SKYACTIV engine and transmission

The newly developed petrol SKYACTIV-G is a light and compact petrol engine that provides significantly better fuel efficiency than previous engines.

SKYACTIV-D defies conventional diesel engines by offering outstanding fuel economy and performance in one.

You can choose a six-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission with the petrol SKYACTIV-G.



Pioneering car safety features, leading safety performance

The all-new Mazda3 contains an array of intelligent safety features that are designed to help you relax and enjoy the drive. The active and passive safety systems warn you of impending dangers, mitigating damages, delivering a peaceful journey. All safety technology in the all-new Mazda3 has been designed to provide generous levels of security and protection, without reducing or taking away the enjoyment of driving.

We create class-leading car safety features like multiple airbags (front, side and curtain), Dynamic Stability Control, Anti-lock Brakes, Traction Control and Emergency Brake-force Distribution which are all standard on the all-new Mazda3. There is also an Emergency Stop Signalling System that switches on your hazard lights if you suddenly brake hard. (Then it turns them off again afterwards.)

So all these active and passive car safety features mean you can relax and enjoy your drive without worrying about the safety of your passengers. 



Looking Good To Go

Leave the everyday behind and explore fresh directions. Get to where you want to be and keep the moment flowing because life is a thing in motion. The sense of motion should never stop. So the Mazda3 looks like it wants to go. Goes like there’s nothing it would rather do. With innovations that will take your enjoyment further, you’ll be rewarded all the way.

Whether you choose the sedan or hatch, you’ll find that Zoom-Zoom feels more irresistible than ever.


i-stop technology

i-stop improves your car’s environmental performance by switching off your engine when you’re idling in traffic. You’ll hardly notice this happen because i-stop restarts your engine more quickly and smoothly than most stop-start systems. So your engine’s ready to go as soon as you want it. i-stop is available with both our automatic and manual transmissions.
The winner of several technology awards, this is the world’s only start-stop system that uses combustion energy to restart. Just one more way that we defy convention.